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Use Cases and Design Records

Use Case Records (UCRs)


UCRs are listed in alphabetical order by title.

Name/Link Short Description
Bring Your Own Vault Use Case for bringing your own Vault
Common Configuration Use Case for having Common configuration used by all EdgeX services
Core Data Retention and Persistent Cap Use Case for capping readings in Core Data
Device Parent-Child Relationships Use Case for Device Parent-Child Relationships
Extending Device Data Use Case for Extending of Device Data by Application Services
Provision Watch via Device Metadata Use Case for Provision Watching via Additional Device Metadata
Record and Replay Use Case for Recording and Replaying event/readings
System Events for Devices Use Case for System Events for Device add/update/delete
Microservice Authentication Use Case for Microservice Authentication
URIs for files Use Case for loading service files from URIs
Performance Test Harness Use Case for Performance Test

Architectural Design Records (ADRs)


ADRs are listed in chronological order by sequence number in title.

Name/Link Short Description
0001 Registry Refactor Separate out Registry and Configuration APIs
0002 Array Datatypes Allow Arrays to be held in Readings
0003 V2 API Principles Principles and Goals of V2 API Design
0004 Feature Flags Feature Flag Implementation
0005 Service Self Config Init Service Self Config Init & Config Seed Removal
0006 Metrics Collection Collection of service telemetry data
0007 Release Automation Overview of Release Automation Flow for EdgeX
0008 Secret Distribution Creation and Distribution of Secrets
0009 Secure Bootstrapping Secure Bootstrapping of EdgeX
0011 Device Service REST API The REST API for Device Services in EdgeX v2.x
0012 Device Service Filters Device Service event/reading filters
0013 Device Service Events via Message Bus Device Services send Events via Message Bus
0014 Secret Provider for All Secret Provider for All EdgeX Services
0015 Encryption between microservices Details conditions under which TLS is or is not used
0016 Container Image Guidelines Documents best practices for security of docker images
0017 Securing access to Consul Access control and authorization strategy for Consul
0018 Service Registry Service registry usage for EdgeX services
0019 EdgeX-CLI V2 EdgeX-CLI V2 Implementation
0020 Delay start services (SPIFFE/SPIRE) Secret store tokens for delayed start services
0021 Device Profile Changes Rules on device profile modifications
0022 Unit of Measure Unit of Measure
0023 North South Messaging Provide for messaging from north side systems through command down to device services
0024 System Events System Events (aka Control Plane Events) published to the MessageBus
0025 Record and Replay Record data from various devices and play data back without devices present
0026 Common Configuration Separate out the common configuration setting into a single source for all the services
0027 URIs for Files Add capability to load service files from remote locations using URIs
0028 Microservice communication security (token) Microservice communication security / authentication (token-based)
0029 Microservice communication security (E2EE) Microservice communication security / authentication (end-to-end authentication)