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App Functions SDK - Secrets

All App Service instances running in secure mode require a SecretStore to be configured. With the use of Redis Pub/Sub as the default EdgeX MessageBus all App Services need the redisdb known secret added to their SecretStore, so they can connect to the Secure EdgeX MessageBus. See the Secure MessageBus documentation for more details.

Edgex 3.0

For EdgeX 3.0 the SecretStore configuration has been removed from each service's configuration files. It now has default values in the code which can be overridden with environment variables. See the SecretStore Overrides section for more details.

Storing Secrets

Secure Mode

When running an application service in secure mode, secrets can be stored in the service's secure SecretStore by making an HTTP POST call to the /api/v3/secret API route in the application service. The secret data POSTed is stored and retrieved from the service's secure SecretStore . Once a secret is stored, only the service that added the secret will be able to retrieve it. For secret retrieval see Getting Secrets section below.

Example - JSON message body

  "secretName" : "MySecret",
  "secretData" : [
      "key" : "MySecretKey",
      "value" : "MySecretValue"


SecretName specifies the location of the secret within the service's SecretStore.

Insecure Mode

When running in insecure mode, the secrets are stored and retrieved from the Writable.InsecureSecrets section of the service's configuration file. Insecure secrets and their paths can be configured as below.

Example - InsecureSecrets Configuration

      SecretName: "aws"
        username: "aws-user"
        password: "aws-pw"
      SecretName: "redisdb"
       username: ""
        password: ""

Getting Secrets

Application Services can retrieve their secrets from their SecretStore using the interfaces.ApplicationService.SecretProvider.GetSecret() API or from the interfaces.AppFunctionContext.SecretProvider.GetSecret() API

When in secure mode, the secrets are retrieved from the service secure SecretStore.

When running in insecure mode, the secrets are retrieved from the Writable.InsecureSecrets configuration.