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Device MQTT - Configuration

MQTT Device Service has the following configurations to implement the MQTT protocol.

Configuration Default Value Description
MQTTBrokerInfo.Schema tcp The URL schema
MQTTBrokerInfo.Host localhost The URL host
MQTTBrokerInfo.Port 1883 The URL port
MQTTBrokerInfo.Qos 0 Quality of Service 0 (At most once), 1 (At least once) or 2 (Exactly once)
MQTTBrokerInfo.KeepAlive 3600 Seconds between client ping when no active data flowing to avoid client being disconnected. Must be greater then 2
MQTTBrokerInfo.ClientId device-mqtt ClientId to connect to the broker with
MQTTBrokerInfo.CredentialsRetryTime 120 The retry times to get the credential
MQTTBrokerInfo.CredentialsRetryWait 1 The wait time(seconds) when retry to get the credential
MQTTBrokerInfo.ConnEstablishingRetry 10 The retry times to establish the MQTT connection
MQTTBrokerInfo.ConnRetryWaitTime 5 The wait time(seconds) when retry to establish the MQTT connection
MQTTBrokerInfo.AuthMode none Indicates what to use when connecting to the broker. Must be one of "none" , "usernamepassword"
MQTTBrokerInfo.CredentialsPath credentials Name of the path in secret provider to retrieve your secrets. Must be non-blank.
MQTTBrokerInfo.IncomingTopic incoming/data/# IncomingTopic is used to receive the async value
MQTTBrokerInfo.ResponseTopic command/response/# ResponseTopic is used to receive the command response from the device
MQTTBrokerInfo.Writable.ResponseFetchInterval 500 ResponseFetchInterval specifies the retry interval(milliseconds) to fetch the command response from the MQTT broker

Overriding with Environment Variables

The user can override any of the above configurations using environment: variables in the compose file to meet their requirement, for example:

# docker-compose.override.yml

  version: '3.7'

        MQTTBROKERINFO_CLIENTID: "my-device-mqtt"