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App RFID LLRP Inventory - Getting Started

Running the service

This service depends on the Device RFID LLRP service to also be running so that it is managing the LLRP readers and generating the raw LLRP events. Do the following to run these services along with the other EdgeX services:

  1. Clone

  2. Change to the compose-builder folder

  3. Run the services

    make run no-secty ds-llrp as-llrp

This runs, in non-secure mode, all the standard EdgeX services as well as the LLRP Device and Application services

More Details

See the following additional detail sections for more details on getting started with this service

Section Name Description
Inventory Events Learn about the Events that this service generates and published back to the EdgeX MessageBus
Tag Location Algorithm Learn how each tag is associated with a single Location
Location Aliases Learn how to configure location aliases for each LLRP reader
Behaviors Learn about "Behaviors" concept, which abstracts and simplifies LLRP Reader configuration
Mobility Profile Learn how profile values are used in the Location algorithm as an adjustment function