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Core Command - Configuration

Please refer to the general Common Configuration documentation for configuration settings common to all services. Below are only the additional settings and sections that are specific to Core Command.

Edgex 3.0

For EdgeX 3.0 the MessageQueue.Internal configuration has been moved to MessageBus in Common Configuration and MessageQueue.External has been moved to ExternalMQTT below

Property Default Value Description
entries in the Writable section of the configuration can be changed on the fly while the service is running if the service is running with the -cp/--configProvider flag
LogLevel INFO log entry severity level. Log entries not of the default level or higher are ignored.
Property Default Value Description
.mqtt --- Secrets for when connecting to secure External MQTT when running in non-secure mode
Property Default Value Description
See Writable.Telemetry at Common Configuration for the Telemetry configuration common to all services
Metrics <TBD> Service metrics that Core Command collects. Boolean value indicates if reporting of the metric is enabled.
Tags <empty> List of arbitrary Core Metadata service level tags to included with every metric that is reported.
Property Default Value Description
Unique settings for Core Command. The common settings can be found at Common Configuration
Port 59882 Micro service port number
StartupMsg This is the EdgeX Core Command Microservice Message logged when service completes bootstrap start-up
Property Default Value Description
Protocol http The protocol to use when building a URI to the service endpoint
Host localhost The host name or IP address where the service is hosted
Port 59881 The port exposed by the target service
Property Default Value Description
Unique settings for Core Command. The common settings can be found at Common Configuration
ClientId "core-command Id used when connecting to MQTT or NATS base MessageBus
Property Default Value Description
Enabled false Indicates whether to connect to external MQTT broker for the Commands via messaging
Url tcp://localhost:1883 Fully qualified URL to connect to the MQTT broker
ClientId core-command ClientId to connect to the broker with
ConnectTimeout 5s Time duration indicating how long to wait before timing out broker connection, i.e "30s"
AutoReconnect true Indicates whether or not to retry connection if disconnected
KeepAlive 10 Seconds between client ping when no active data flowing to avoid client being disconnected. Must be greater then 2
QOS 0 Quality of Service 0 (At most once), 1 (At least once) or 2 (Exactly once)
Retain true Retain setting for MQTT Connection
SkipCertVerify false Indicates if the certificate verification should be skipped
SecretName mqtt Name of the path in secret provider to retrieve your secrets. Must be non-blank.
AuthMode none Indicates what to use when connecting to the broker. Must be one of "none", "cacert" , "usernamepassword", "clientcert".
If a CA Cert exists in the SecretPath then it will be used for all modes except "none".
Property Default Value Description
Key-value mappings allow for publication and subscription to the external message bus
CommandRequestTopic edgex/command/request/# For subscribing to 3rd party command requests
CommandResponseTopicPrefix edgex/command/response For publishing responses back to 3rd party systems. /<device-name>/<command-name>/<method> will be added to this publish topic prefix
QueryRequestTopic edgex/commandquery/request/# For subscribing to 3rd party command query requests
QueryResponseTopic edgex/commandquery/response For publishing command query responses back to 3rd party systems

V3 Configuration Migration Guide

  • Removed RequireMessageBus
  • MessageQueue.External moved to ExternalMQTT

See Common Configuration Reference for complete details on common configuration changes.