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Device REST - Protocol Properties

This service defines the following Protocol Properties for each defined device that supports 2-way communications. These properties reside under the REST key in the protocols section of each device definition and are used to construct a URL to send GET/SET commands to the end device.

Property Description
Host Hostname/IP Address for the device's REST service
Port Port number for the device's REST service
Path Optional - Base REST endpoint for the device's REST service in which the GET/SET commands are sent.


These Protocol Properties are not used/needed for REST devices which only send asynchronous data (one-way).

Example REST Protocol Properties - Two-way device

        Port: '5000'
        Path: api

In the above example the resulting Command URL will be<resource-name>?<query-param> where:

  • resource-name is the name of the resource for the Command from the Device Profile.
  • query-param is the optional query parameter defined in the resource's attributes section as urlRawQuery.

GET commands result in GET REST requests, while SET Commands result in PUT REST requests to the end device.


This service does not support Device Commands defined in the Device Profile (combining multiple device resources).