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Service Configuration

Each EdgeX microservice requires configuration (i.e. - a repository of initialization and operating values). The configuration is initially provided by a YAML file but a service can utilize the centralized configuration management provided by EdgeX for its configuration.

See the Configuration and Registry documentation for more details about initialization of services and the use of the configuration service.

Please refer to the EdgeX Foundry architectural decision record for details (and design decisions) behind the configuration in EdgeX.

Please refer to the general Common Configuration documentation for configuration properties common to all services. Find service specific configuration references in the tabs below.

Service Name Configuration Reference
core-data Core Data Configuration
core-metadata Core Metadata Configuration
core-command Core Command Configuration
Service Name Configuration Reference
support-notifications Support Notifications Configuration
support-scheduler Support Scheduler Configuration
Service Name Configuration Reference
app-service General Application Service Configuration
app-service-configurable Configurable Application Service Configuration
app-record-replay App Record Replay Configuration
eKuiper rules engine/eKuiper Basic eKuiper Configuration
Service Name Configuration Reference
device-service General Device Service Configuration
device-virtual Virtual Device Service Configuration
Service Name Configuration Reference
API Gateway API Gateway Configuration
Add-on Services Configuring Add-on Service