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Supported Device Services List

The following table lists the EdgeX device services and protocols they support.

Device Service Repository Protocol Status Comments Documentation
device-onvif-camera ONVIF Active Full implementation of ONVIF spec. Note that not all cameras implement the complete ONVIF spec. device-onvif-camera docs
device-usb-camera USB Active USB using V4L2 API. ONLY works on Linux with kernel v5.10 or higher. Includes RTSP server for video streaming. device-usb-camera docs
device-rest-go REST Active provides one-way communications only. Allows posting of binary and JSON data via REST. Events are single reading only.
device-rfid-llrp-go LLRP Active Communications with RFID readers via LLRP.
device-snmp-go SNMP Active Basic implementation of SNMP protocol. Async callbacks and traps not currently supported.
device-virtual-go Active Simulates sensor readings of type binary, Boolean, float, integer and unsigned integer device-virtual docs
device-mqtt-go MQTT Active Two way communications via multiple MQTT topics
device-modbus-go Modbus Active Supports Modbus over TCP or RTU
device-gpio GPIO Active Linux only; uses sysfs ABI
device-grove-c 2.x TBD Connects the Grove sensor on Grove Raspberry Pi using libmraa library; Linux and ARM only
device-bacnet-c BACnet 2.x TBD Supports BACnet via ethernet (IP) or serial (MSTP). Uses the Steve Karag BACnet stack
device-coap-c CoAP Active (2.2.0 TBD) This service is in the process of being redeveloped and expanded for upcoming release for Kamakura – and will support Thread as a subset of functionality. Currently supports CoAP-based REST and is one way communications (read-only)
device-uart UART in Development Linux only; for connecting serial UART devices to EdgeX


Check the above Device Service README(s) for known devices that have been tested with the Device Service. Not all Device Service READMEs will have this information.