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Getting Started with EdgeX Snaps


Snaps are application packages that are easy to install and update while being secure, cross‐platform and self-contained. Snaps can be installed on any Linux distribution with snap support.

Snap packages of EdgeX services are published on the Snap Store. The list of all EdgeX snaps is available below.

EdgeX Snaps

The following snaps are maintained by the EdgeX working groups. The documentation for Jakarta (2.1) snaps are available in jakarta/v2.1.x READMEs. Refer below to find the links.

Platform Snap

This is the main platform snap, simply called edgexfoundry. It contains all reference core services along with several other security, supporting, application, and device services.

Please refer to the README for the documentation of this snap.

Application Service Snaps

Device Service Snaps

Development Tools