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EdgeX Foundry Hands On Tutorial

Provided by Jonas Werner, Cloud Solutions Architect, CTO, Dell Technologies


Tutorial (in PDF format)

Scope and Format

This is meant to be a beginners guide to EdgeX Foundry it assumes nothing but some basic Linux command line experience. While the level of detail is aimed to support new Linux users, the content will be applicable also to experienced users who wish to get into open source IoT and perhaps who want to learn more about technologies such as docker-compose, etc.

Topics Covered

  • Installation of EdgeX Foundry
  • Starting / stopping micro services
  • How to add / enable services
  • Interacting with EdgeX using Postman, cURL and Python
  • Creating devices (sources of sensor data)
  • Sending data to EdgeX using REST
  • Exporting a stream of data using MQTT
  • How to issue commands from EdgeX to devices
  • Creating rules
  • Debug flags and container logs