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Available Device Services List

The following table lists the EdgeX device services and protocols they support.

Device Service Repository Protocol Status Comments Documentation
device-bacnet-c BACnet Active Supports BACnet via ethernet (IP) or serial (MSTP). Uses the Steve Karag BACnet stack device-bacnet docs
device-coap-c CoAP Active EdgeX device service for CoAP-based REST protocol device-coap docs
device-gpio GPIO Active Linux only; uses sysfs ABI device-gpio docs
device-modbus-go Modbus Active Supports Modbus over TCP or RTU device-modbus docs
device-mqtt-go MQTT Active Two way communications via multiple MQTT topics device-mqtt docs
device-onvif-camera ONVIF Active Full implementation of ONVIF spec. Note that not all cameras implement the complete ONVIF spec. device-onvif-camera docs
device-rest-go REST Active provides one-way communications only. Allows posting of binary and JSON data via REST. Events are single reading only. device-rest docs
device-rfid-llrp-go LLRP Active Communications with RFID readers via LLRP. device-rfid-llrp docs
device-snmp-go SNMP Active Basic implementation of SNMP protocol. Async callbacks and traps not currently supported. device-snmp docs
device-uart UART Active Linux only; for connecting serial UART devices to EdgeX device-urt docs
device-usb-camera USB Active USB using V4L2 API. ONLY works on Linux with kernel v5.10 or higher. Includes RTSP server for video streaming. device-usb-camera docs
device-virtual-go Active Simulates sensor readings of type binary, Boolean, float, integer and unsigned integer device-virtual docs


Check the above Device Service README(s) for known devices that have been tested with the Device Service. Not all Device Service READMEs will have this information.