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V2 Migration of Common Configuration

EdgeX 2.0

For EdgeX 2.0 there have been many breaking changes made to the configuration for all services.

This section describes how to migrate the configuration sections that are common to all services. This information only applies if you have existing 1.x configuration that you have modified and need to migrate, rather than use the new V2 version of the configuration and modify it as needed.


The Writable section has the new InsecureSecrets sub-section. All services need the following added so they can access the Database and/or MessageBus :

    path = "redisdb"
      username = ""
      password = ""


Remove the [Logging] section.


The service section is now common to all EdgeX services. The migration to this new version slightly differs for each class of service, i.e. Core/Support, Device or Application Service. The sub-sections below describe the migration for each class.


For the Core/Support services the following changes are required:

  1. Remove BootTimeout
  2. Remove Protocol
  3. Rename CheckInterval to HealthCheckInterval
  4. Rename Timeout to RequestTimeout and change value to be duration string. i.e 5000 changes to 5s
  5. Add MaxRequestSize with value of 0
  6. Port value changes to be in proper range for new port assignments. See Port Assignments (TBD) section for more details


For Device service the changes are the same as Core/Support above plus the following:

  1. Remove ConnectRetries
  2. Move EnableAsyncReadings to be under the [Device] section
  3. Move AsyncBufferSize to be under the [Device] section
  4. Move labels to be under the [Device] section


For Application services the changes are the same as Core/Support above plus the following:

  1. Remove ReadMaxLimit
  2. Remove ClientMonitor
  3. Add ServerBindAddr = "" # if blank, uses default Go behavior
  4. Add MaxResultCount and set value to 0


Remove the Username and Password settings


No changes


The map key names have changed to uses the service key for each of the target services. Each client entry must be changed to use the appropriate service key as follows:

  1. CoreData => core-data
  2. Metadata => core-metadata
  3. Command => core-command
  4. Notifications => support-notifications
  5. Scheduler => support-scheduler

Remove the [Clients.Logging] section


All service now require the [SecretStore] section. For those that did not have it previously add the following replacing <service-key> with the service's actual service key:

Type = 'vault'
Protocol = 'http'
Host = 'localhost'
Port = 8200
Path = '<service-key>/'
TokenFile = '/tmp/edgex/secrets/<service-key>/secrets-token.json'
RootCaCertPath = ''
ServerName = ''
  AuthType = 'X-Vault-Token'

For those service that previously had the [SecretStore] section, make the following changes replacing <service-key> with the service's actual service key:

  1. Add the Type = 'vault' setting
  2. Remove AdditionalRetryAttempts
  3. Remove RetryWaitPeriod
  4. Change Protocol value to be 'http'
  5. Change Path value to be '<service-key>/'
  6. Change TokenFile value to be '/tmp/edgex/secrets/<service-key>/secrets-token.json'
  7. Change RootCaCertPath value to be empty, i.e ''
  8. Change ServerName value to be empty, i.e ''